Job Seeker Tips

Electrified Recruiting Resources provides a wealth of services and information to job seekers including confidential resume review, job matching, professional presentation, and assistance throughout the interview, hiring, and transition process.

Much of the work has to be done ahead of time by the Job Seeker. Click on the highlighted links below to get information on how to prepare for your career transition!

Resume TipsReview tips for preparing and building your resume, including a proven way to use your achievements to market your skills.
Interview TipsHelpful ideas to gain confidence and be prepared for this important step in the job search process. Learn how to prepare for the interview, the different types of interviewsquestions to help you be ready, and other tips to achieve interviewing success!
Transition TipsReview tips for submitting your resignation and why you would NEVER accept a counteroffer!
Compensation TipsNew job require a relocation? Use these links to find out how the cost of living difference may adjust your salary requirements. Or find out about the cities, schools, climate, and crime in the new location before you move.
ContractingYes! We hire contract employees, for both temporary contract and contract-to-hire positions. Use this link to learn about contracting, see our excellent benefits plan, and check out your pay rate!
Referral RewardsDon’t have the required skills or experience? You can still benefit! Electrified Recruiting Resources has a Referral Rewards program that will pay non-recruiters a referral fee if we make a placement using your referred candidate or job. You can remain as a confidential source if desired, and still take home the check for helping us out. Find out more about our Referral Rewards program!
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