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When we place one of your referrals, you receive a $$ Referral Reward $$

In our search process, we make a concerted effort to surface the best possible candidates for our clients’ positions. We have found that word-of-mouth referrals produce the best qualified candidates. Who better would know a person’s skill level than a friend, mentor, or co-worker?

As such, we have instituted a referral reward program in which Electrified Recruiting Resources will pay a portion of any placement fee we receive from a candidate referred to us by a non-recruiter.  So, if you are a candidate and see a position we have listed but you don’t meet the requirements, don’t despair! You can still benefit! Send us the name and phone number of someone you know that is qualified, and if we end up placing them with our client, then we’ll send you a handsome check as a way of saying thanks!

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You don’t know anyone that is looking for a new job?
Well, you might not know anyone that is looking, but you might know people that are qualified, and that would appreciate learning of new opportunities to use their skills and benefit personally, professionally, and financially. Let’s face it, how many co-workers have you told that you were looking for a new job? Probably very few, if any. You’d want to hear about better opportunities for which you’re qualified, right? Well, so would your associates.
Even if employees are happy in their current position, most ‘look out for #1’ and would like to learn about new positions.

You don’t want your friends/associates knowing you referred a recruiter to call them?
But if a recruiter contacted you and said they were referred to you by a person that thought highly your abilities and considered you a top performer, how would you feel? Kind of ticked off? Or would you be flattered that someone thought so highly of you? Wouldn’t you like to like to have the chance to at least hear about other opportunities? Again, your associates would also like to have that chance.

If you still aren’t comfortable with your associates knowing that you referred them, you can still pass on their name, and we will handle the referral in a CONFIDENTIAL manner, so only WE know where we got their name. They can still decide whether they want to learn more about the opportunity, you remain anonymous, but still get a referral fee if we make a placement.

So don’t say no. Give your potential referrals the opportunity to decide if the opportunity is right for them. It’s a WIN – WIN – WIN – WIN situation. Your referral gets a better job; our client gets the candidate they were seeking; we get paid for managing the process; and you get rewarded for simply making a phone call. AMERICA – what a great country!

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