Transition Tips

Seeking a new position is full of emotional ups and downs. You will be thrilled with having interviewing opportunities. You may be disappointed with getting turned down. It’s part of the process. But the amplitude of the emotional swings are the highest at the end of the process, and you have to be mentally prepared for that. Once you have been presented and accepted an offer for a new position through the efforts of your Electrified Recruiting Resources Account Executive, you will likely experience exhilaration, and relief as though a major load has been lifted from your back.

Now comes the tough part… the resignation. For some people, this is an even greater delight than accepting a new position. Others might experience sorrow in leaving behind many valued friends and memories. But for most people, the resignation is met with dread and apprehension.

Click on the link below to provides some tips in submitting your resignation, and continue reading why you should NEVER accept a counteroffer.

Submitting Your Resignation

NEVER Accept a CounterOffer

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