Creating a FAB

Make a good impression at your interview by doing a little homework beforehand.

What is a FAB?

In presenting you to a prospective employer, it is our objective to have you stand out above the other candidates. One of the best ways that we have developed to do this is the Features/Accomplishments/Benefits presentation (or FAB for short). The FAB presentation helps us to present your background and experience in a format that helps the employer to see value. Unlike a resume, it does not contain any information that an employer frequently uses to disqualify a candidate from consideration for an opportunity. The FAB presentation is totally job related.

Just What Does A FAB Do?

  • A FAB tells what you can do for the employer. We want to show the employer just how you can impact their business and make their life easier. Remember, the employer wants to know what’s in it for them.
  • A FAB tells how you can benefit the potential employer.
  • A FAB helps to detail what you’ve accomplished in your past and present jobs.
  • A FAB helps to highlight your unique accomplishments and experiences.

What is the Definition of a FAB Presentation?

Facts about yourself

  • Experiences that are both factual and objective.
    • 8 years experience as a Lab Supervisor. Degreed Chemical Engineer.
    • Led 2 Mechanical Engineers in the company’s Industrial Engineering section.
    • Company’s Top Account Manager


  • Significant, specific results you have generated for present or past employers.
  • Quantitative and measurable.
  • Examples:
    • Led 3 Lab Technicians in the development of new surfactants.
    • Streamlined widget assembly line with automated tooling, reducing assembly cycle time by 28%.
    • Opened 18 new accounts, increasing sales by $1MM in first six months by…


  • Concrete example of what your achievements meant to your employer, and what you can do for your prospective employer based on your past experience.
  • Examples:
    • New product developments were included in the company’s surfactant portfolio, opening a new market segment for the company.
    • Automated process led to cost reductions that captured new cost-conscious customers, increasing sales by $340,000.
    • Increased quarterly profits year-over-year by 29%. Awarded Salesman of the Quarter in two of four quarters in 2007.

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